Pixelelement’s New “Digg” Like System is now open to the Public

2009 July 29th


Pixelelement.com/news has launch a new “digg” like system for the online community to share the best news/stories in the categories of design, photography, inspiration, motion, illustration, technology, and video games.

When you submit a story, your story will appear in the “upcoming” stories section. Users of the system will be able to vote on your submitted stories, and promote the story to the front page on the “published” section.

In addition, when you submit a story to the system, your story will be posted on Pixelelement blog’s main site on the right sidebar under “User Submitted News”.

If you have a website/blog, you can submit your stories/news to the system and help increase the traffic to your website/blog. If you do not have a website/blog, you can still submit stories/news to share them with the online community.

Right now anyone can submit stories/news without registering. You’ll have to register in order to vote on stories. You can register in less than a minute, you only need a email address.

Visit the website at pixelelement.com/news

Click here to submit your news, or click here to register.

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