Pixelelement’s Contest Illustration Entry Update

2009 November 30th


We have received the first entry for the illustration contest and we have to say WOW!!! “Demetrio Rex” (Dr3x) really did an amazing artwork painting the sketch. We love his painting technique.

We hope everyone gets inspired with “Demetrio Rex’s” entry and gets involved in the fun!

We cannot wait to see the next entries.

(Click on the image for larger view.)

Painted by Demetrio Rex “Dr3x”
Website: http://d3rx.deviantart.com/

“it was lots of fun painting the old poodle”

If you would like to know what the contest is about or how to participate, click here for more information.

We encourage you to leave your comments on Demetrio Rex’s entry. We bet he would greatly appreciate to read what you think.

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