Simply Amazing Digital Painting by Tiago Hoisel

2009 October 8th


Tiago Hoisel has done it again! “This has never happened to me before” is the title of his new master piece. It is a cartoon version of the character Davy Jones from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. I love the texture and all the detail.

Click here for a bigger size of the painting.


Notes from the artist:
This is a cartoon version of one of my favorites movie character, it’s a personal work that I made just for a study. I painted all with just one brush standard and at the end I applied some paper textures to make a little dirty. Throughout the process I made some changes on the first draw, on the position of the legs and on the hands to make enrich the idea.

Click here to see a previous post about Tiago Hoisel.

Tiago Hoisel’s at CGSociety.

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